Robsten Are Together - The Truth & The Proof

Rob & Kristen Out & About On Thursday

Once again I am sitting here writing about how completely gobsmacked I am that I have to write this. I took one look at this picture yesterday and could tell instantly who was sitting in the passenger seat. But of course one small article from a tabloid on the say so of one "Ronaldo" from x17 and Kristen becomes a "mystery" woman. I'm sorry but no, for once how about you actually use your common sense before taking the word of a photographer who had lied to us on more than one occasion or are you all suddenly forgetting that the exact same paparazzo lied about the "fight" that NEVER happened on May 13th. 

Comparison From Kristen In The Car On Thursday  & Kristen At LAX Airport On Sunday

When this picture of Rob and Kristen fist appeared, once again the fandom went nuts however this time it was in my view for all the wrong reasons. For those of you who don't understand that your hair changes colour when in direct sunlight I advise you to pay attention to the picture above. Now we all know Kristen's hair is has hints of red in it, this was highlighted in the comparison picture, oh and what is that I spy, Kristen's trademark nerdy glasses that she wears when traveling.

Picture Of Riley (she and Kristen starred in the Runaways Together)

Now then, this my lovely readers is Riley, the girl that a significant chunk of this fandom stated was sitting next to Rob on Thursday as he drove home, now I hate to point out the obvious, but this girl looks nothing like Kristen, even her hair is a different colour. (This is the part of this post where I apologize to CJ for using his personal image, I mean no harm I'm just trying to make my point known.) Take a look at the comments section which CJ has commented on himself Leave Riley alone. She isn't the one in the truck. Gah people!!! It comes to something when Rob and Kristen's friend has to be the one to state the obvious. Kristen was the one with Rob, now I'm sorry if I sound rude but this is something that should not need to be pointed out. Period. If it wasn't for Ronaldo and x17 causing drama in May, none of you idiots would be doubting the obvious.

Comparisons Between Riley & Kristen In One Pic

Last but by no means least, here is an image of Kristen and Riley, with comparison circles stating the differences between the two actresses, alongside a second picture of Rob and Kristen taken in June last year. This kind of speaks for itself and I don't partucularly want to repeat myself. Once again I hope that you take my findings seriously and next time something Rob and Kristen together appears you'll believe it rather than taking the word of a persistent liar. 

New Evidence Of Kristen's Hair Changing Colour In The Sun (Paris July 2nd)

In addition to the images above I've now gained access to one final image taken from Kristen entering the Chanel Fashion Event earlier on today in Paris. As you can see just like in the picture of Rob and Kristen traveling home, her hair has turned the same shade of red in direct sunlight. What further proof do you need. I urge you to use your own thoughts and heart rather than following the crowd or believing the media. If I were you, the only blogs that are trustworthy are the ones ran by us, the fans.

Two New Images Of Kristen From Paris (Lighter Hair In Sun)

Once again I must stress enough, please stop believing the tabloids and believe in Rob and Kristen. It saddens me that blogs such as mine and Justice For Kristen still need to point out the obvious. Rob and Kristen have been together four years. Rob has said numerous times that he only went for the audition of Edward Cullen because he'd seen Kristen's movie 'Into The Wild'. How many times have the media pulled the breaking up card now, because I for one have lost count. 

One Final Picture From Coachella (Kristen Is Wearing Rob's T-Shirt In The Car Pic)

I know you can only see the sleeve of his T-Shirt from the truck pictures, however it has been brought to my attention from a number of people that have pointed out how these t-shirts are one and the same. I seriously hope these new images will finally reach the few of you who still refuse to believe that Kristen is the one in the truck with Rob. 

I seriously hope that this clears up any doubt, however if not, that's your choice, I can't change that, I just hope you take a long hard look at the picture of Riley before dismissing the recent images posted here because once again I'm pointing this out: She looks nothing like Kristen.

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   for the Kristen at LAX Pic
 @rkfan2012 for the image of Kristen in Paris 

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With that said I'm out.



Sarah P said...

Love it! Thanks!! :)

Nancy Allen said...

love your blog and don't believe the paptz..but one question I was hoping you could answer...what has happened to THE RING and the necklace???


The necklace she stopped wearing when Rob came back from Australia, they kicked their relationship up a knotch afterward, as for the ring, I believe that this new diamond encrusted one she has worn in Paris has replaced it along with the infinity 8 tattoo.

I hope this helps

Nancy Allen said...

except her designer said she "made" the ring she has on now...but I too hope there is another Rob one...

Nancy Allen said...

plus she is not wearing it in the pics today..thanks for replying!


She had two gold rings on her finger yesterday the smaller one she had on her knuckle was from her stylist the other he I believe is from rob, as for today she had it back on her left hand

Nancy Allen said...


Elizbeth said...

I think too much emphasis is placed on the ring. The ring haters once said did not come from Rob, like Bernie was not Rob's dog and now they've done a complete three sixty. This couple is in a solid relationship. This is not an observation, but a fact. I mean haters can hope that they are not together all they want, pair him up with their dream girl but at the end of the day, the only woman running her nails down his back is Kristen Stewart.

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